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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

First blog. A little about me and what not......

So here goes, my first blog.  My name is Seth, I live in Ashford, middlesex, UK.  I am a friendly, outgoing, humerous, kind young man and currently a student at the University of Derby: Buxton where i am doing a Foundation Degree in Outdoor activities. Im also a seasonal Outdoor Ed worker at Thames Young Mariners OEC, in Kingston.  

Anyway, I LIKE KAYAKING, whilst i am at home i can get on the water pretty much every day, I take part in slalom, playboating as well as being a coach.  I enjoy kayaking because; its outside so you get lots of sun and fresh air, you get to meet lots of nice new people, you get to go to different and exciting places and its pretty fun.

In the last few months my recent paddling exploits have included the rivers Tryweryn and Dee.  As well as many sessions at HPP.  This also included the National Student Rodeo last weekend which was very good fun.

So today the river Thames is rather low, so i went for a quick session at the 'mighty' Chertsey Weir.  I had quite a good time, the level favored Float boats, much to the disappointment of my friends mike and pete who were in Squirt boats.  Didn't get any pictures tonight but i will have a flick through the albums and get some up soon. 

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