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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Hot summer. What a bummer.......

At some water levels, the Thames Weirs can create some of the best playspots in the UK. However, this summer has been both hot and dry, meaning that the sometimes world-class play features are no more a few small jets of water. Whilst at times the lack of water is frustrating, i feel im making the best of it. My regular paddling week consists of three slalom sessions a week at Shepperton. In addition i'm getting a couple of play sessions a week at the mighty Chertsey weir.

To keep things interesting in my paddling, I always try and learn new things. For a long time I have been totally unable to cartwheel, however after weeks of practice and hundreds of rolls I finally cracked it. Well going left anyway.

A stylish blast from Pete Scutt

However even with the best will in the world Chertsey is only entertaining for so long and eventually a drive up to HPP is in order.

To make thing even worse the initial heat wave that we had at the beginning of the summer is gone, replaced by rain. Frustratingly not enough rain to make any of the weirs run at a good level.

Oh well, its still good fun.

happy paddling....

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