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Thursday, 19 November 2009

GB Freestyle team selection, event number 2....

Ok, so it happened a few weeks ago but I’ve been a little bit too busy to blog it. It all took place at HPP, on the 7th November. The event was held on the newly remodeled ‘Tardis’ Feature which was grippy and difficult to set up on but great fun. The usual format was used, each competitor gets three rides, their best two count. Early in the day came the Squirt, OC1, Junior ladies and Men’s. The morning events were commentated by yours truly, I think I did a bang up job, It was really great to see a good turn out in all of these categories. Then Lunch. Then it was the C1, Womens and Mens K1. The weather was lovely for the event, sunny and not a hint of wind. By the time it was my go it was getting dark. My run’s were a real mixed bag, after scoring nothing in my first run after a failed entry move put me off I knew I had to do better in my next ride. My second ride was awesome, a really big loop, some ends and a spin got me a score of 130 points. SWEET. Unfortunately I could not re-produce this in my final ride and scored a poultry 6 points. This put me 19th out of 23. Paddling mentour Pete Scutt came just one place above me this time, with only four points in it. As ever the show was stolen by James ‘Pringle‘ Bebbinton who scored an impressive total of 1586. Although Jon Best was hot on his heels at 1423.

Throwing down

Setting up...

Good fun was had by all, and I will definitely be having another go next year.

Paddle safe

Photos by Mags Brayfield

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