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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Backlog of Blogs!!!

The week or so has been so busy I have barely had time to get any blogs done. So lets go back in time a week or so. Thursday/Friday a week and a bit ago saw me taking part in a four star kayak training course with Tom Parker. The course only had a couple of people on and was pretty mellow, thourghly enjoyable and not too cold. Result!! .

Tom Parker showing (a) Lovely Flare

The weekend that followed that was my first slalom race of the season, my home ground Shepperton. A solid first run saw me into second place with Pete 'the Scud' Scutt in first place. Pete was a good twenty seconds ahead so there was little chance of me catching him, my second run sealed second place for me, not too shabby
Setting up an 'S'

Making a breakout

Gunning it.

Fast forward one week and I made another long trip down to Shepperton, this time with a different boat, my new Molan. Shep was on a meaty five gates, and my boat performed brilliantly, swift edge transitions and big air, SWEET.
Little bounce

Pete throwing a helix

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