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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Rodeo Weekender: The PeakUK summer sausage sizzle rodeo

So this weekend just gone saw the first PeakUK sausage summer sizzle rodeo. Te event was held at HPP, Nottingham and saw over 45 competitors across three categories competing against each other.

The aim of the event was to bring fun back into freestyle kayaking as in last few years freestyleing has become a bit serious. Extra points in this competition were awarded being able to maintain a sidesurf and for doing a 180.

The heats for this competition went on in bib number order with heats of nine people with men, women, juniors and c1 all up against each. I did well to place a solid 8th of 16 senior men, however since there were only two c1's they were competing in the same category as the other senior k1 men, therefore my overall standings in senior k1 mens would have been 6 out of 14 which I thought was very respectable.
Space Godzilla

Saturday evening saw fun and ball games outside the Peak shop including volleyball and rounders (which some people took a little too seriously)

Me commentating the day

Sunday saw a top five final across three categories, mens, womens and juniors. Bren Orton smashed the junior competition to win, Jenny Chrimes scored an impressive McNasty to win the Ladies category and Matty Nichols smashed the mens competition out of the water with a range of Phonics Monkeys, McNasties and Space Godzillas.

Overall I would say PeakUK organised a wicked weekend and I hope we can get more events like this happening in the future.

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