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Monday, 17 January 2011

Still on my Christmas hols............well its tough being a student isn't it!!!

So it is now the third week of January and I'm just coming to the end of my christmas holidays. When I first came home I was worried as there was snow everywhere and no water, but just before new years eve a big thaw came in, rain began to fall and the Thames valley came up in true style. Hurley sessions early in the morning, sweet levels, great fun slalom sessions on shepperton, hours of time wasted getting changed in the sunbury car park to find its not running, usual winter stuff.

Each day of the holidays is pretty simple for me, out of bed, breakfast, uni work, (sometimes go to the gym), kayaking, sleep. Every day.

We even got away for a quick creeking trip this sunday just gone, with great levels in South Wales, a quick blast on the Mellte and a fair amount of tree portages on the Ned Fecchan.
Heres a couple of pics from Dale mears (The good pic), and Pete Scutt (the grainy one)

Hurley (when it dropped off for a while)

Just after firing the BIG DOG of the big drop on the Mellte

See you on the river

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