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Saturday, 2 May 2009

A week of paddling prizes......

The last few days i’ve been back at uni, and they have been packed with paddling prizes.  Well maybe not packed, but i’ve had a few.

It started with the Canoe club (Derby Uni Canoe and Kayak club) AGM on wednesday, during the meeting, the D.U.C.K awards, were dished out.  Prizes were awarded for Best swim, Best Novice male, Best Novice female, best haircut and Most Valued Paddler.  

Andy Gibbs won Best Haircut with his current half blond-half brown hair do.  Josh Edwards Won Best Novice male, Rory Richards won best swim, for not even making it to the feature at NSR just a few weeks earlier and i was lucky enough to win MVP for a combination of my individual representation of the club at the BUCS slalom in January, and doing OK at NSR.  The prize was mainly pride, but also a really big rubber duck.

Following this I have spent all weekend slalom racing a the Marple Division 3/4 Dave Higson memorial slalom.  The event was held by Manchester Canoe club on a small shallow bit of river located in Marple (which is near stockport).  The weekend was a double event meaning each day counted as a separate race.  On the Saturday, despite a few showers around 25 Div 3 K1 Men took part.  My first run put me in second place, but after smoothing out my second run i finished ahead by a healthy 5 seconds, earning me a nice shiny plate.  On the Sunday the weather was much nicer, however there were less competitors, despite this there was still fierce competition, and in my second run I was even given a 5 second penalty for starting too early.  Inspite of this i still had a fast enough time too finish in first place.  To make things even better, i had scored the fastest aggregate time over the two days, earning me the ‘Dave Higson Memorial trophy’.

All in all a good week, I hope I can do as well in races later in the year.  

The Prizes

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