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Monday, 1 February 2010

A welsh weekend with the D.U.C.K.s

So this weekend just gone I spent the weekend in North Wales with Derby Uni Canoe and Kayak club (D.U.C.K). We all saddled up our cars and left Buxton on Friday evening. It wasn't long after we crossed the Welsh border that we were bombarded with snow (which was un-forecasted).
The morning's View

The next morning after struggling on the snowy roads we were confronted with low water everywhere. Saturday we managed to get a run on the Llugwy.
The D.U.C.K.s getting ready to go

A new river to me, it had an two sections of note, a brilliant Grade three drop which everyone in the group managed and a series of three Grade five drops. Pont Cyfyng has a tricky lead in rapid with a series of large drops, I managed to run the lead in and the first drop and quickly made the get out on river left, just before the second and third drops which have lead to a number of deaths in recent years.
Having a look at Pont Cyfyng

Me at the bottom of the First drop of Pont Cyfyng

The following day we were forced onto the Dee, at a fairly low level, with plenty of snow. Everyone in the group enjoyed this river although it did cause a couple of swims within the group.
Discussing the final drop of Pont Cyfyng from the bottom

All in all it was an enjoyable weekend, without me having to do too much rescuing.

Have a great time, I will see you on the rivers.

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  1. The second drop is fine, and making the eddy at the bottom is easy. You are right about the third drop though.