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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Pyranha Molan. My beyond the Hype review.........

Today I managed to get some time in the new Pyranha Molan. Before I start this review I should point out that the boat I paddled was a pre-production version, and had shrunk a bit out of the mold so it was a tad smaller.

I paddled the boat at Shepperton weir, it was on a nine gate wave, which wasn’t the greatest level but gave me a good chance to see how the boat surfed, how loose it was, speed on the wave and the boats ability to accelerate.

The first thing I noticed when sitting in the boat was that it was a touch narrower than my current JK Allstar (07-09 model). I liked this, it puts your body into a better position to throw the boat around. The Molan was also a bit shorter than my boat, however this seems to be a common theme in the latest playboats and definetly makes a difference in speeding up the boat mid-air. By that I mean the shorter tail travels through the air quicker making tricks easier to stick. The Molan is a large amount of volume in both the bow and stern, although I didn’t get a chance to try it on a hole it should loop massive.

Once I got on the wave the boat felt great, noticeably looser than my boat and much easier to throw around. The Molan great acceleration I was impressed at the amount of speed that could be generated on such a small wave.

Outfitting wise Pyranha’s Connect 30 outfitting seemed comfortable and durable, with plenty of scope to kit it out to your exact requirements with the selection of foam provided.

My only criticism would be that that the stern was a little catchy however I imagine on a full sized version this wouldn’t be such a problem. Also the slightly narrower hull did feel unforgiving in whilst paddling through the Shepperton boils and surgey eddylines.

In the lead up to this boats release alot of different things were said, one of the things I heard the most was "Its just an Allstar with different stickers". Well I can say first hand that is not the case, the new Allstar has a number of differences. The new Allstar is shorter, has a different seating position and has a different shaped hull.

Overall I would say I quite like this boat. So there you have it, get out and give one a go.

Photos by Pete Scutt

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