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Monday, 11 January 2010

Winter Paddling......Sunbury/Hurley

Although I've not paddled for the most part of last week, yesterday I braved the cold to get some playboating in. Heres how it all went down.

Saturday: Pete and I decide that we should go for a paddle. I rumage round to find some more thermals and a set of pogies. Saturday afternoon, we decide to go to Sunbury weir, just before lunchtime. Saturday night, Pete looks at the weather forecast and refuses to go if it snows. Sunday morning, we go to Sunbury. The car park was frozen and we had to walk through three inches of snow to get to the water.

When we got to the weir we found a a big steep hole and ice everywhere. After I had had a few quick goes we got off. Pete decided he'd had enough and went home. I went on to Hurley where I had probably the coldest two and a half hours of my life, on an almost perfect water level.

Icicles cover the weir

Me in the Pit of the Hole

Having another go

Not a bad way to spend the day. If your going paddling be sure to wrap up warm and be safe.

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