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Monday, 25 October 2010

Bo Selecta: GB Freestyle Kayak Team selections

The weekend just gone saw the Nottingham play host to Great Britain Freestyle kayak team selections. Across the course of two days competitions were held on two different features on the course, the 'Twin Waves' and the 'Tardis'. Saturday also saw the one and only squirt boat team selection.

I've spent the whole summer training for squirt boat selection and was really fired up for the competition. So when saturday morning came I knew there were only a few hours left to prepare. Months of training all came down to to this, three sixty second rides with the best two counting. The scoring system for squirt is fairly complicated, basically each competitor is scored based on their flatwater tricks, added to their style scored then multiplied by downtime score (Which is the amount of time the whole boat is under water, greater points awarded if the whole head and body go underwater) Anyway six men rocked up to give it a go with three places on the Team up for grabs as James Reeves won the last world-Championship he was pre-selected so didn't attend. That left myself, Jamie Austin, Paul King, Josh Gosling, Ben Aldred and fresh out of squirt retirement Chris Evans to duke it out for the three team slots.

the nervous waiting between rides

I had three fairly consistent rides although I did feel like I was along way off my best it time for a nervous wait while the scores were added up. I filled the time by trying to get warm, dry, getting out of the horrible weather and helping out on the commentary. Finally the scores were, 2nd place. I was in, a place on the GB Freestyle team for the Plattling World championships 2011.

Later that day I was competing again in my float boat on the 'Twin Waves', out of three rides I had one very average ride, one rubbish ride and then ten seconds into ride number three my deck popped. I have literally never been so annoyed at a competition. Anyway Saturday evening, and I had good reason to celebrate I hit the town with Matty Nichols and Adam Ramadan.

Godzilla on the Tardis

When Sunday came I was feeling a little worse for wear but it was super sunny so I pushed on and by the end of the day it was time for my rides in the 'Tardis' one of the courses smaller, more flushy features. So I managed one average ride, one rubbish ride and one really rubbish ride. Overall I wasn't that impressed with my own performance, but to be perfectly honest I wasn't expecting any better as I hadn't really put the time or the training in like I had in my squirt boating.

A great weekend was had by all and well done to all who competed. On the top end it was great to see big rides from James Weight, Sam Anderson, Matty Nichols, Pringle and many others. Also a big thanks to all of the UK Freestyle committee for organising all of the events this season.

Photos by Dave Wortley

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