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Monday, 4 October 2010

Brit champs: Nottingham

The sun was shone brightly on saturday for another in the series of the British Freestyle championships series. This event was a special one for me as it was scheduled to be the only event to decide the British Squirt boat championship.

The day started in the standard format, registration a good deal of standing about and then eventually the competition kicking off. The squirt comp was first for me at 2 o'clock, this was my first Squirt comp and needless to say I was nervous. My feelings weren't really helped when I learned it would be in the Pyramid Pool, which is notoriously shallow a long way into the pool and the one which I usually do worse in whilst practicing. At the right time I got changed, got on the water and did my warm up. and by the time the competition came I felt focused and ready to go.

My rides went well and a bit of sunshine certainly helped. After all 10 male competitors had had their rides the scores were totted up, I was happy coming in 4th place.

After a quick change of clothes it was time for me to do my k1 runs, although my runs went to plan I was still a long way off top place. Thats hardly surprising though as Pringle scored over 1600 points in one ride! My final result was 14th out of 18.
That evening saw the usually consumption of food and beer, but also brought a lot of rain. The course was already fairly brown on saturday and the evening rains pushed it over the edge, and forced the course to be closed on sunday. Unfortunately this meant no finals to watch and no body boarding event or boater cross.
Anyway despite the rain it was a great event and I look forward to the last few of the year.

See you on the water

Photos by Dale Mears.

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